Brettspiel Scythe

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Brettspiel Scythe

Finde den besten und günstigsten Preis für Scythe. Dann abonniere den Preisalarm für Scythe und du erhältst zeitnah nach einer bsf Brettspiel-Freunde​. Die Asche des ersten Großen Krieges schwärzte noch immer den Schnee im Europa der er Jahre Der kapitalistische Stadtstaat, bekannt als "Die Fabrik",​. Scythe. Sycthe, Feuerland Spiele. Regeln (Deutsch). Regel 2. Edition (PDF, 15 MB) Automa Soloregel (PDF, 15 MB) FAQ (PDF, MB) FL_Erfolgsprotokoll.

Scythe Brettspiel (DE)

In " Scythe" verkörpern 2 bis 5 Spieler (zusätzlich gibt es eine Solovariante, die ich allerdings nicht ausreichend getestet habe, um ein abschließendes und. Von hübschester Brettspiel-Schrott über sachlichere Kritik und der Frage, ist Scythe überhaupt das beworbene 4X-Spiel, wurde die ganze. Die Asche des ersten Großen Krieges schwärzte noch immer den Schnee im Europa der er Jahre Der kapitalistische Stadtstaat, bekannt als "Die Fabrik",​.

Brettspiel Scythe Scythe Expansions Video

#Regelerklärung - Scythe - Kolosse der Lüfte (Feuerland 2017)

Brettspiel Scythe Die Menge an Geld, die du erhältst, hängt von deinem Ansehen ab. Du kannst die Cookie-Einstellungen durch einen Klick Neue Merkur Online Casinos "Einstellungen ändern" anpassen. Spielaufbau zum Start mit drei Spielern. Preis nicht Bubbles App bei Pixxass. I would love to get on a list if you have one or better yet Fruity Casa 50 buy one now! I generally dislike the idea of games on Kickstarter. However would it be possible to encourage player Tycoon Online on a commercial level? Now, i have preordered my french retail copy. Asymmetry: every player starts the game with different resources Sachsen Anhalt Lotto, coins, keen combat sense, popularity…a different starting location and a secret objective. Philippe: The metal we use for metal components is zinc lead is dangerous. Bundle info. At the same time, Lesenswerte Bücher need to think about mobility to move off of our section of the map. Is that true? I dont know how Salzburg Dortmund Live i will buy this game and bring it to guatamala. Is that something that others have found to be more Affe Schpile The submerge mech will also give you some good deterrence by being able to move Brettspiel Scythe water tiles when you want to avoid being attacked.
Brettspiel Scythe

Is it intended that they just stall there unless a movement in a different direction comes up? That seems like a cheat.

I encourage you to continue to put so much effort into perfecting the rules, if only to avoid such little disappointments in an otherwise excellent result.

Thanks James! Thanks for clarifying. It is a nice break, especially in the one player version! Hey Jamey. I imagine you think that neoprene mats are better than cardboard, since you have released one.

Will the Modular Board be re-released in neoprene? Rene: The modular board is a completely separate combination of a new board and new tiles, both designed for each other.

Where, oh where is my modular game board? Cannot wait for it!!!! I think it will be amazing!! Scythe is now definitely our favorite game ever!

Justin, are you asking about the metal mechs? Will the digital edition ever get a 3DS release? Just wanted that recorded somewhere!

Love the game. Thanks Christine! I purchased scythe today, went home and opened it, excited to play, but just realized my game is missing the white wooden heart?!

Am I able to get one mailed to me?? Hi Jamey, My wife and I are excited to buy and play the game. Should we wait for the modular board to come out or is it an add on?

We ordered and are excited to play :. Hi Jamey, Will the Scythe modular board be an add on or will a revised edition come with it?

My wife and I are really excited to buy the game and try it, but not sure if we should wait for the modular board. All accessories, promos, and expansions for Scythe are sold separately from the standard, uniform retail game.

I have played my copy of Scythe probably less than twenty times and the printed part of the board is peeling off of the cardboard at the joints.

I am in Canada and am looking for a replacement base game board or a neoprene playmat without having to replace the whole game.

Do you know what my cheapest options are? Thank you in advance. Caitlin: Thanks for letting me know.

Have you tried a touch of glue? Years ago during the Kickstarter, yes. But not anymore. There are many copies of the game available worldwide tabletop and digital if you would like to play Scythe.

So I just bought this game about a month ago and new years eve some friends and I decided to get a game together. After getting everything set up re realized we were missing combat cards.

Since I purchased it through amazon do I have to return it there or is there any way I can just get the cards? You never need to return a game to the retailer just because a few pieces are missing.

Just brought out my expansion for the first time and got two monuments for the Togawa faction missing the armory.

Love the game so far! Will you consider 1. Thank you so much for this great game. Just wanted to ask if there is any plans for a miniature game set in the same world, something similar to Iron Harvest, but with miniatures.

That could really be something I think. Hi Jamey, this is my question: I started Rise of Phoenix with my friends; one of them in the 2b Episode peace used Rusviet with Industial palyer mat.

It was a total win for him. Now should we play the episode 2b again, or continue with the episode 3? Thanks :. Thanks : I was thinking about add some stars or gold to the other players the Rusviet win with 6 stars a 75 gold, the others have only two stars or less and max gold What do you think?

Jamey, I wanted to say thank you. One of the hallmarks of your company, and of you personally, is your level of interaction with your public that makes people feel seen.

A while back, I put in that I thought faction t-shirts for Scythe would be a cool thing to make.

I just got an email from MeepleSource today touting their Scythe faction shirts, and they look awesome. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you thank you for doing that, and making me feel seen and heard.

I and others have come to live in those worlds. Thanks Clinton! I strive to do as you described, to let you know that I see you, and I appreciate you.

There is a lot of variants to the game with all the expansions. But the core board is always the same. Thanks Christian! It took me a while, but I figured out how to make a modular board work.

Are the encounter cards that are on pre-order from Stonemaier Games numbers and are they the same as the promo encounter cards available at Meeple Source?

The new boxed set of encounters are different than previously published promos, and they are numbered On battle. I struggle to understand why there is no incentive to target stronger opponents on the board.

Here is why I think this part of game is broken, there are zero incentive to try to beat a stronger opponent, if one is weak, no power, no cards why would you not attack this fraction as it only a risk to fight someone stronger?

I know that every day war, dont pick on opponent stronger than you as you might get hurt, but it is a game and it should be fun.

And to put insult to injury, the attacker always win a tie so you know in advance how to win as you can see zero cards and zero power.

I can hug my island and grow stronger but so will my opponents. I think battle is cool, but this broken for some fractions. Kind Regards Leo.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Leo! Scythe is an engine-building game where the threat of combat is much more important than combat itself.

I seen that reply a few times from you and I agree about the engine-building, if it was not for the fact that two stars are to be earned by any fraction who can pick upon one weaken fraction.

I am must be a masochist as I chose Nordic to to prove it wrong, but time and time again it just come for Nordic as they are easy picking if you match unit for unit.

From ROF mods does help this challange I must admit. In the Rise of Fenris expansion, during the point of the game where you can switch to the Fenris faction, do you have to keep your same base when there are other open bases if your original faction was the Norse?

It seems unbalanced that the Norse base does not have the means to produce additional workers without the ability to swim across the river, yet every other base has a village nearby.

In order for Fenris starting from the Nordic base to access a village, the Fenris faction would need to build a mech, but doing so with only two villagers to produce resources.

I can see why that could be perceived as a disadvantage. Thanks for giving this game to the humanity Jamey, I already got Thw wind Gambit and now looking forward to Fenris.

Will we see Gambit and Fenris coming to Tabletop simulator? I can see Gambit for Tabeltopia but I dont have that version and there is an mod for Tabletop Simulator but it not official I think.

Fenris will likely be on it in early Is there a support desk I can talk to or a place where i can buy just a white Mine?

Or am I stuck and have to make my own. Hello Jamey: I did not find the comment section on the Rise of Fenris expansion, I want to ask if the semi-official rules that are at the end of the expansion rules book about playing with multiple automas co-op, apply to play the campaign.

Also if an airship moves into a space where a mech exists, can they pick up a resource and then leave as part of their continued movement.

One question: I have the Invaders From Afar expansion, and the rules in the Automa section mention replacing certain Automa cards the first time you play with the expansion.

And if permanent, where can I get more of these replacement cards for additional Automa decks? Yes, the replacement is permanent, but the replacement cards only add a few icons specific to Togawa and Albion.

They have no effect when used with just the base game. Later printings of the base game and extra Automa decks have the replacement cards instead of the original ones, so your decks might already have the replacement.

Hi, I was wondering. Could we get some art or information as an update the the world map of the game? Even after all the expansions, the only map shows only the main 5 factions.

I am especially curious now with all the action surrounding the Factory, and since it is located on the territory of what would be my country.

It would be awsome to at least get some clarifications on the border changes after the Great War and how that affected the current unknown countries of Europa.

The map shows all 7 factions 5 from the core game, 2 from Invaders from Afar. Will the last expansion RoF fit inside the box with the core game and the 2 additional expansions?

Because, the insterts inside the Legendary Box are the same size as the first two expansions, but I think the Fenrir box will be bigger.

Looking forward to start playing this game. I bought a copy a month ago, and so far, it is great! I mostly play solo, and I beat the Automa !

Kind Regards,. I woud read the hell out of it :D. I think Jakub has a book in Polish about it now he worked with a bunch of different Polish authors.

Hi Jamey. I recently bought a pack of Mayday sleeves for the large cards. They seem to be a bit snug around the cards and cause a tiny bit of bend.

Are there any other solutions for sleeving the large cards? I saw a survey you put up a while ago about custom sleeves. Did this ever happen? Thanks, Clint.

Clint: Thanks for your question. Jamey, thanks for the work you put into this game! My wife and I bought it since most games of this nature give you a handicap to play with only two people, but this is one, we can enjoy all the aspects of the game with just the two of us or with a party.

We really enjoy the constant threat of battle without the game being dominated by playing on the offensive. Looking forward to many more evenings playing this game!

Just wanted to let you know my appreciation and the fun my wife and I have with it. Greg: Thank you so much for sharing this!

The things you mentioned here are exactly what I was aiming for. Hello a point of rule when a Mech of the Polish faction with the ability Camaraderie arrives on a territory where it only has workers, it provokes the flight but does the player lose points of popularity?

The digital version of the game does not apply this effect. Thank you for your reply. Hi Jaime. Any recommended brand of card sleeves for Scythe?

I know FFG sleeves are a bit long for the 70xmm cards. Thanks Alberto! I love the game. My friends were a bit sceptical at first but turned around and share my enthousiasm.

Now I have started to upgrade my scythe. I just bought the wind gambit and the 6 and 7 player upgrades. Is there a way I can get my hands on the colors of the artwork?

There is so much paint out there that I have no idea what to get. Thanks in advance. Thanks Jeroen! Thank you for the quick repley. To identify the different factions But I looked at bit deeper on this site.

And I found some great artwork which I can use for painting. Hey Jamey and crew, you have smashed it out of the park with this game.

Great work. Been playing for a while with the family. Keen to hear how people have powering down Rusviet?

Even with Industry care removed they very powerful. Keen to hear what team recommends both how the game is setup and game play strategies.

Brilliant game. Can you tell us when the second printing is coming out? Are there any differences between the first and second printings? Also, any chance of rethinking the legacy add on?

William: The second printing of Scythe shipped in September There are some minor typos fixed in the rulebook, but no mechanical changes.

Absolutely fantastic service! I sent a request for a blue star x1 and a blue meeple x1 as they were damaged in the box I bought. The perfect example of great customer service, Thank you so much for making the process so easy!

Hi Jamey, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your incredible customer service. I had a problem with a couple of pieces, and you sorted out replacements at no cost immediately.

I wish more businesses had your attitude, which I expect and hope will pay dividends in taking the Stonemaier brand from strength to strength.

Scythe is a work of art that stands tall amongst its peers. Thank you for making board game night so much fun!

Hello Jamey, I want to send you all my thanks and admiration for such excellent games, I am from Costa Rica, I bought Scythe from one of your re-sellers in Spanish, I am impressed!!!

Mechanics, theme, strategies and tactics are perfect!! I am glad to realize that there is still people like you taking care of what a board game should be, I am waiting for Fenris to complete my collection.

One question: Do you play chess? I really wish I had found Scythe much sooner than I did, picked it up yesterday at a local game store and it has blown me away.

Our first game lasted almost 4 hours because we were rereading the rules and catching mistakes as they happened but every second of it was a blast.

Thank you Jamey Stegmaier for an amazing game. Steven: Thank you so much for sharing this! Just dropping a positive comment here, Scythe is hands down my favorite board game and I seriously doubt it will be dethroned anytime soon.

Based on my experience and so many review videos out there it is so obvious how much thought and care you put into your games from both a mechanical and aesthetic point of view.

Good luck with everything Jamey! You have lots of supporters! Stevie: Thanks for your note! We received the game with 2 red armories and are missing a red mine how should we go about getting a red mine?

Dear Mr. Sadly, the buildings in the game do not line up with the attention to detail that went into all the other game parts. Will there be something like realistic buildings available in the future?

Greetings Jannis. A lot of time, thought, and attention to detail went into creating those buildings. Indeed it is!

Jakub sells his art through a few platforms. Do you have to take the entire bottom row action? Example: You pay whatever price is listed, however I do not want to take the enlist action at that time but I do want to take the 3 coins that come along with paying the bottom action price?

The enlisting action would end the game. For any action, you could take all or part of the benefits available. I just recently purchased my game through amazon as new and when I opened it and started to inspect all my pieces I noticed that one of my White Mechs is missing an arm.

Is there a way to have this one piece replaced? I am in the Army and currently stationed in a remote location in Sinai, Egypt.

Amazon arrives the quickest, but mail can take as long as 3 months to arrive or ship out. Travis: We can certainly send you a replacement part if you fill out the replacement parts form on our website.

We ship via USPS. Thank you for your service! Jamey: Thank you for the guidance to resolve this issue. I have completed the form and the game will go on.

I have to say I read quite a few comments here and on the replacement parts page and I can say that I truly appreciate your customer service as much as I appreciate your game.

Your success is admirable. Bought Scythe here in UK. Do you know who may be selling the board game extension so can have a large game board?

Art work looks lovely! Board Game Extras is particularly good at carrying Scythe-related accessories and promos. Thanks for your question, Johan.

Hi, my local mode shop recommended Charterstone, which we absolutely loved, and on the back of that we took the plunge and bought Scythe this week.

Great game and thanks. Colin: Thank you so much for sharing this! I submitted a request via the replacement parts form.

My wife and I just watched a video on how to play and are super excited for our first game. Hello, I just received scythe for my birthday and am super pumped to play it.

While I was opening all the components up I realized that one of the sets of retainers for one of the two dials came with two male sides and not one male one female.

Can I get a single female side please, I am willing to pay for it and shipping. Thanks for your time, joe. Daniel: Thanks for letting me know!

Is it on the ship or on the territory? This world is large and very captivating to think about. I love to imagine myself in this alternative world, with all of its unique details.

I really wish there were more alternative eastern factions in it like Austro-Hungary; Romania; Finland, maybe even Turkey or balkan nations.

I really hope to see the incredible alternative univers expand this way or at least to know more about the lore of it. If not with game expansions and material, then at least with some sort of story to show the lore, and more art about this, maybe about common equipment and characteristics in those countries, and a more detaile map with those included.

Please make it true. Greetings from Romania. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Jim: Thanks for your question. I just picked up the Invaders expansion and the board extension.

What a beautiful game! The flexibility of the Automa make this a real treat to play solo. Thank you for such a great game.

Great work on this game Jamey! Scythe and Viticuture are quickly becoming two of my favourite games. My wife and I have played Scythe competitively, but we are spending more time now playing co-operatively against two automa opponents.

Are there going to be any more reprints of the board extension and the metal coins? Thanks again for making these great games.

Got the base game last week and played it with my gaming group a couple of times. Everyone loved it and is looking forward to playing more.

I will be picking up the expansions for sure! Unfortunately, my current table is a little too small for the game, but I have been looking into purchasing a gaming table.

Do you have an estimate of the recommended play area? Fantastic game. Scythe however has changes that. I have no problem playing it three times, one right after the other.

My wife was skeptical when I showed her the review videos. Since our purchase in May, we have played it over 30 times.

She loves it as much as I do. Thanks Andy! Thanks for your enthusiasm! I was very happy to get a German copy of Scythe currently there is no more on the market.

Now I see that there one more idea grows, that makes me very happy. Thanks for your courage to turn your ideas into reality.

Through your games Viticulture and Scythe I meet again after 18 years with my school friends to play. When did you get your copy of Scythe?

Und so spielt man lange vor sich hin, in den ersten Runden baut man sich seine Basis auf was im Übrigen für die meisten Völker linear abläuft , wenn zwei Kontrahenten kämpfen, schaut man eine Weile zu… Und so beschleicht einen irgendwann das Gefühl, dass man eine lange, lange Zeit am Spieltisch sitzt, ohne eine Spannungskurve zu fühlen und zu erleben.

Bis die ersten Sterne gesammelt sind, kann schon mal eine Stunde vergehen und irgendwann trifft es einen wie der Blitz: "Jetzt ist es vorbei?

Hat sich das angedeutet? Letzten Endes haben eben jene Vorschusslorbeeren dem Spiel meiner Meinung nach nicht ganz so gut getan, weil man nicht nur ein opulent ausgestattetes, sondern auch ein spielerisches Meisterwerk erwartet und erhofft hatte.

Keine Frage, Scythe bleibt ein solides Spiel mit interessantem und thematischem Hintergrund, welches in puncto Spielablauf Interaktion, Spieldauer, fehlender Spannungsbogen allerdings einige Schwächen aufweist.

Ich für meinen Teil werde es auch immer wieder mal versuchen — nur eben nicht jedes Wochenende.

Natürlich verursacht ein solches Projekt trotzdem Kosten, welche wir mithilfe von Werbeanzeigen versuchen, ein wenig aufzufangen. Um euch jedoch weiterhin dauerhaft ein tägliches Angebot bieten zu können, sind wir künftig auf weitere Unterstützungen angewiesen.

Wir würden uns freuen, wenn ihr unsere Arbeit dann einfach mit einem beliebigen Geldbetrag über eine PayPal-Spende honorieren würdet - jeder Euro zählt.

So kann jeder selbst entscheiden, ob und was ihm unser Onlinemagazin wert ist. Natürlich handelt es sich bei jeder Spende um eine einmalige Zahlung ohne jegliche weitere Verpflichtungen!

Schon jetzt danken wir euch herzlich im Voraus! Von aufstrebenden Wirtschafts- und Kriegsmächten — der Spielablauf.

Werfen wir zunächst einen Blick auf das bereits erwähnte Spielertableau, das zentral für den Zug eines Spielers ist, finden sich hier nämlich alle Aktionsmöglichkeiten der Nationen.

Zu Beginn des Spiels beschränkt sich das eigene Territorium auf wenige Felder, zusätzlich ist die Bewegung dadurch eingeschränkt, dass die Startregionen vom Zentrum des Spielplans durch Flüsse abgeschnitten sind, die für die eigenen Arbeiter unpassierbar sind ausgenommen die Nordischen Königreiche, deren Arbeiter können nämlich gut schwimmen.

Sobald eine eigene Einheit, die kein Arbeiter ist, ein Feld betritt, in dem sich bereits gegnerische Figuren befinden, kommt es zum Kampf, der vor der unteren Aktion des Spielers durchgeführt wird.

Wer bei Scythe Atmosphäre sucht, wird sie zum einen im Artwork finden, zum anderen begeben sich die Anführer während des Spiels auf Reisen. Sobald ein Spieler seinen sechsten Stern gesammelt hat, endet die Partie augenblicklich.

Von Nationen, Strategien und fehlender Ausgewogenheit. Das Spiel bietet grundsätzlich unterschiedliche Strategien an, die für jede Partie zufällig ausgehändigten Tableaus bieten hohe Varianz und Herausforderung, die zu gefallen wissen.

Hier wäre thematisch und spielerisch sicher mehr drin gewesen. Das ist ein Kriegsspiel, oder? Der lange Weg zum Sieg. Natürlich verursacht ein solches Projekt trotzdem Kosten, welche wir.

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Spi Spieletastisch Der Preis wird aktualisiert Sofort versandfertig, Lieferfrist Werktage. Luckily, this faction has a lot of access to nearby faction homelands with the submerge ability.

The Nords and Rusviets can actually be boxed in completely with good placement of units. This ability can lead to some very interesting tactics that are hard to counter by the other factions.

Then sometimes later in the game for moving across rivers into other faction homelands to claim those territories without much of a threat if those factions are inactive.

Because of the flexibility offered by the Nordic faction early in the game, I consider it the best faction for a new player to play. The most obvious and one of the most effective uses of their faction ability is to spread workers out as quickly as possible.

Gathering resources off the starting tiles early in the and controlling the area can give the Nords a powerful start. However, you will sacrifice a few turns of bottom actions to set this up.

The set up leads to a slow start but can pay off big time in a longer game. To add even more weight to the strategy, you can get all of your workers out as quickly as possible.

You can start producing to get your engine running and utilize tunnels to get your workers to far-reaching areas of the map. At that point, your opponents will either be forced to take a popularity loss to take a tile you have a worker on or take time to move around your workers.

The seafaring ability can also be very useful for mechs. For starters, the ability can be used as a deterrent for combat.

Retreat across a river. Attack next turn with an added combat card. Your opponents will lose some tempo and likely give you a combat star in the process.

Additionally, this is the only faction that can strategically skip the riverwalk mech and move on to other mechs.

It can be a huge advantage to have some of the other mech abilities while your opponents are trying to leave their starting island. In longer games it can even be a bad strategy.

If you focus too much on combat, you will lose time and popularity while your opponents build engines for the late game.

Outside of combat, there are some great strategies that this faction can leverage. Early in the game you can use this to get a quick upgrade or mech deployment.

They are also one of the only factions positioned near 2 encounters which can give them a significant edge early in the game. On top of their good starting position, they have some great mobility mechanics in the underpass and speed mechs.

This makes area control a piece of cake, gets you to resources quickly, and gives you an easy way to grab encounters.

Your opponents are less likely to attack you since a loss would give you a star and shorten the game. A lone mech is an easy target for an attack. Because of this, the best combative Saxony game is a short one.

Ending the game quickly through grabbing territory and gaining combat stars will leave your opponents with very little time to get their engines going.

Albion has an interesting new flag placement mechanic and mech abilities. The general strategy with this faction will be to get our engine going and increase mobility through the rally mech ability.

The faction has a hard time building up mobility but can be quite fast once a few workers are built and flags are placed. So that will be our main priority when playing this faction.

After we have increased mobility, we will be a serious combat threat to our opponents and that should definitely be used to our advantage.

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Gran Turismo Sport. 1/1/ · Scythe is one of the most popular games released in the last decade. It’s engine building mechanics and non-combative, yet competitive gameplay made it a go-to for a lot of board game groups. It still currently ranks as one of the top strategy games on Board Game Geek. Five countries vie for dominance in a war-torn, mech-filled, steampunk s Europe/10(K). Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for important updates and limited offers. Other than that this game is fantastic! Hi Jamey, my group and I have been playing Scythe for a while now, and we have noticed an aspect that in our opinion is not really well balanced. Do you know when the Automa decks will be available on Ala Carte?

Das liegt nicht am Brettspiel Scythe selbst, in dem man Merkur Spiele mit echtem Geld, sondern auch vom Komfort ihres eigenen Zuhauses aus genieГen wollen? - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Wer bei Scythe Atmosphäre sucht, Elitepartner Preise sie zum einen im Artwork finden, zum anderen begeben sich die Anführer während des Spiels auf Reisen. Feuerland Spiele Scythe 10 bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Kennerspiel des Jahres , kooperatives Fantasy-Brettspiel ab 10 Jahren. In " Scythe" verkörpern 2 bis 5 Spieler (zusätzlich gibt es eine Solovariante, die ich allerdings nicht ausreichend getestet habe, um ein abschließendes und. Scythe (englisch für „Sense“) ist ein Brett- und Strategiespiel des amerikanischen Spieleautors Scythe − Das Brettspiel Scythe ist aus dem Jahr Von hübschester Brettspiel-Schrott über sachlichere Kritik und der Frage, ist Scythe überhaupt das beworbene 4X-Spiel, wurde die ganze. In " Scythe" verkörpern 2 bis 5 Spieler (zusätzlich gibt es eine Solovariante, die ich allerdings nicht ausreichend getestet habe, um ein abschließendes und aussagekräftiges Urteil fällen zu können – ich gestehe voll Scham, dass ich einfach kein Solospieler bin) eine von fünf fiktiven Nationen. Five countries vie for dominance in a war-torn, mech-filled, steampunk s Europe. Scythe uses a streamlined action-selection mechanism (no rounds or phases) to keep gameplay moving at a brisk pace and reduce downtime between turns. While there is plenty of direct conflict, there is no player elimination, nor can units be killed or destroyed. Every part of Scythe has an aspect of engine-building to it. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for important updates and limited offers. The international website of Scythe Group with links to all the world wide branches.
Brettspiel Scythe


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